Thursday, July 21, 2005

As I blog

This is my fourth post since I started blog. The idea was to use this as a means to reach out to people with some brains and intellects. However, I was not welcomed by anybody on joining this community nor was I chided or reproached for that. I desire to see comments by others on my posts and but there is none so far. The whole ambiance seems to be totally oblivious of my presence. Practically, I need some marketing to get bloggers look at my pages. So I navigated through the pages of many bloggers and posted some comments. For example, there is one called 'me' (this person is a woman whom I caught up with on the yahoo chat and whom I would always love to call mimi) who rekindled the desire in me to blog. But the kind of stuff she writes is amateurish, out-of-focus and therefore painful to read through. Despite this fact I will continue to post comments on her writings just because, in my imagination, I built her as a sweet, sexy, cuddly young lady. The second blogger some of whose stuff I consumed writes under the name 'satchisgod' (very curious to know the suggestions that this name has got) and seems to be passing through an extreme identity crisis. My advices for him is to keep cool and look at the world with some sympathy that would perhaps bring some rest to his mind without which he may possibly remain the mindless junk as he is now. ....
That's all for today. I need some time to develop my ideas about this august company of bloggers.


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