Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup is over for me...

To hell with my predictions .... If I meet Alberto Parreira, I will ask him with utmost politeness,
(although my heart will reverberate with the f-word), "Saar, does your wife have a crush on Robinho?"

Please tell us, what other reason it could be, that you did not play Robinho from the beginning. Kaka was evidently unfit. Didn't you see how afraid he was to slide and shoot and he let the ball go in such situations; something that one cannot afford in a knock-out stage. You played Ronaldinho at the wrong position who loves to play right in the middle just a few yards behind the upfront players. He is a game maker. You pushed him far to the left. Ronaldo is fat, overweight therefore, cannot turn and run. Considering the French defense which is, in my opinion, the best in this tournament, did it ever occur to you that to make empty space inside the French penetrative zone you need a player who is agile, fast, turns a lot, creative and a huge shooter. Any amateurish footballer knows that French defenders will not give any empty space that Ronaldo needs in his present condition to shoot and score a goal. One has to create such space on his own amidst the jungle of defenders to be able to score. You had such a weapon, saar, in your armory unlike many other coaches. You wasted him. You know who he is. You played him just for the last 10 minutes and you saw the difference.

I don't blame you for depriving us of spectacular football which we wait for, for long four years. You killed the football sir. You killed it.

OK. I'm amazed to watch Zinedine Zidane, even at this age, influence the game in such a big way. He is the best today. He moved like a lion in the midfield dwarfing the Brazilians. One of the most responsible and respectable footballers of all time. Today he played perhaps better than what he did in the 1998 final where he himself scored a brace. Thuram, Henry, Vierra, Barthez, accept my kudos. You gave fitting responses to your detractors who tried to tag you as old horses. You guys really played unimaginable. As a football lover, although I wished Brazil to win, you in all departments outplayed them. This is totally a well-deserved win for you.

Positive points for me: I'm not going to waste time watching the semi-finals and final. During that time I shall complete my thesis which remained stuck since the WC started, by hook or by crook. World Cup is over for me. Bye bye Germany 2006.


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